Samantha Burns is an interdisciplinary artist living and working in Sarasota, Fl. In 2011, Samantha went to Florida State University to pursue her Masters in Fine Arts degree in Interdisciplinary Practices. During her graduate studies, Samantha was awarded the opportunity to create and exhibit work in Berlin, Germany. Since her 2014 graduation, her installations and sculptures have been exhibited in Florida, Illinois, Georgia, Louisiana, Canada, and Germany.  This past year she had a solo show at Southeastern Louisiana University as well as was a resident artist at the Roundtable Residency in Toronto, Canada. In 2015 Samantha was awarded a Visiting Artist in Printmaking position at the New a College of Florida. Currently, she is acting as a faculty member at the New College of Florida. 

Artist Statement 

I consider myself a composer. Through slight material manipulation I call attention to the inherent strengths and uniqueness of the objects I'm drawn toward placing them in arrangements that instills a new network of dependence and dialogue. Visually and conceptually, the work balances between the familiar and the abstract. Whether through fragmented imagery, text, or sculptural pieces, all parts collaborate with one another to unveil a deeper narrative. Objects are torn apart, reassembled, and fabricated in ways that explore the relationships they have with one another and the spaces they live in. 

Like memory itself, the works exist in a state of precarious fragility. Found objects are organized into an impermanent sculptural form; one that is vulnerable to the passage of time and to the surrounding environment. As is the case with the delicate balance between body and mind, the sustainability of the sculpture is dictated by continuous cooperation between its respective parts. Through the works ephemerality, we are presented with an opportunity to appreciate the present moment and its inherent fleetingness.